MadPax Appearance of this accessory brand has blown up the fashion world! MadPax rucksacks have been really designed for unordinary personalities. If you want you or your child stand out from a crowd, if you are concerned about highlighting your active attitude to life – this brand is for you! MadPax rucksacks suit both children and adults. The MadPax collection comprises rucksacks with spikes, bubbles, or fancy tetris-like tracks.
These unique things are produced using the most state-of-the-art polymer materials. You may rest assured that the quality of our products is strictly tested, and spikes and bubbles are soft.

MOJO is a hyper energetic youth; it’s a modern, bright, and daring style for those who tend to stand out. The brand has a wide range of rucksacks, cases for laptops and tablet PCs, wallets, earphones, and other accessories. Teenagers and young people like MOJO products because of the unique combination of quality, ergonomics, convenience, and an absolutely recognizable look. Bright, daring, and attractive prints, modern tissues, hi-end furniture, perfect production quality allow those things to serve you and stay popular for many years. MOJO quality has been appreciated in the West and Europe. This brand is adored by schoolchildren, students, and grown-up seekers of bright things and vivid life.

Fydelity – Backpacks, shoulder bags and coolers with integrated HI-Fi stereo speakers and an amp to provide clear sound. Compatible with mp3 players, cell phones and tablet or PC.

3D Bags – backpacks for pre-school and school kids at very low prices with 3D images on front side or with fancy prints.

ZipIt – Zipit is making clever, fun, and beautifully designed products for 10 years. Winner of multiple teacher and design awards across the globe, each year brings innovative and practical product to the market. Most bags are made with one Zipper, that transforms into an attractive and fun purse. We love them and we hope that you will love them too.